Gluten and Dairy Free Open Cheese Steak Sandwich

Hello everyone

I’m pretty glad it’s Friday – it’s been another busy week.  I don’t think the weather is to be great this weekend which gives me the perfect excuse to just chill out and focus on uploading some new recipes and photographs to the website.  I’ve been pretty thankful I have a lot of home based hobbies, like this website, to keep me occupied during lockdown.

In my promise to add more lunch ideas that wasn’t soup here is a new sandwich idea.  I originally started out this recipe as a toastie but by the time I made all the filling and layered it up on the bread I decided to change it to an open sandwich!  This makes a perfect treat lunch or can be served with chips and salad for an easy dinner.



Click here for recipe –> Gluten and Dairy Free Open Cheese Steak Sandwich


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