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Gluten and Dairy Free Orange Cream Cheesecake

Hello everyone

I’m loving seeing everyone’s baking efforts while we are spending more time at home.  I’ve been concentrating on making a few new dessert and cake recipes that I can share with you over the coming months.

I have a number of gluten and dairy free cheesecake recipes on my website already but there is always room for one more!  You can pick between this type of lighter creamy recipe or I also have a few baked New York style recipes on the site.

What is your favourite flavour of cheesecake – I’m always looking for new inspiration?



Click here for recipe –> Gluten and Dairy Free Orange Cream Cheesecake

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Hello and welcome to FreeFromFavourites, my name is Fiona Kennedy and this is my website to help you cope with living on a dairy and gluten free diet.

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