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Gluten and Dairy Free Vietnamese Coffee

Hello everyone

I was lucky enough to have a long weekend with the Monday Bank Holiday.  Although the weather wasn’t the best I enjoyed just taking sometime to myself to potter about working on the website and other bits and pieces.  I’m off work next week so considering what to do with my stay at home holiday!

I originally had this scribbled down in my notebook to make as an iced coffee but the morning I made it the weather wasn’t so great so I stuck with the original version.  Next time I make it I’ll definitely be trying the iced version – I’ll let you know how it goes.  I love how pretty it looks before you mix it all up – trust me it is easy to make this a layered coffee as the coconut condensed milk is so thick.  I hardly ever get a latte to pour out in perfect layers using espresso and steamed soya milk.

As usual I purchased my coconut condensed milk online – a number of health store and vegan shops stock it.  I use it in a few recipes so if you make my Scottish Tablet or toffee then this coffee would be perfect to use any leftovers.



Click here for recipe –> Gluten & Dairy Free Vietnamese Coffee

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