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Gluten and Dairy Free Ice Cream Biscuit Bars

Hello everyone

It’s taken me a bit longer than usual to get my first recipe out this week.  I was away for the weekend catching up with friends as a very early birthday treat.

I had my recipes photographed and typed up ready to go but hadn’t got round to doing the blog posts and social media scheduling.  So I’m writing this on the way to work on a wet and boiling hot unpleasant morning.  I’m hoping the sun will make an appearance later.

Since it has been so warm I thought I would share a cooling dessert idea.  I actually made these last summer and never got round to sharing them on the website.

They are pretty simple to prepare and you can always make it even easier but using shop bought dairy free ice cream.  That way you can always change the flavour as well.



Click here for recipe —> Gluten and Dairy Free Ice Cream Biscuit Bars

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