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Gluten & Dairy Free Cajun Chicken Tarts

Hello everyone

I’ve survived my crazy week of hospital appointments – what are the chances of all three hospital clinic appointments coming through in the same week!  I’ve now got 6 weeks to wait to see if I have a clotting problem with my blood.  It takes this long as I need a PCR blood analysis which allows them to look at problems in my DNA.

The tear in my cornea is also healing which is good news.  The eye clinic have referred me on to a specialist cornea surgeon to investigate if there is an underlying issue causing the tears or if it is just caused by Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

After all that palaver I was in need of some comfort food and these cajun chicken tarts worked a treat.  I saved time using a shop bought gluten and dairy free pastry sheet from the supermarket and topped it with creamy chicken chicken.



Gluten & Dairy Free Cajun Chicken Tarts

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