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Gluten and Dairy Free Proper Strawberry Milk


Hope you are all having a good evening so far.  I’m just heading out to the airport to pick up my friend who is staying for a couple of days so looking forward to a long weekend off work.

Tonight’s recipe is for proper strawberry milk which is of course gluten and dairy free.  I’ve put the word proper in the title as this isn’t sugary sweet flavoured milk you would pick up at the supermarket.  It is 50% dairy free milk and 50% real strawberries – with a little bit of maple syrup to sweeten.

I topped mine with some whipped coconut cream I had leftover from another dessert I had made for an extra luxurious finish.  I loved this milk so much I’m going to experiment with all sorts of different flavours.



Gluten and Dairy Free Proper Strawberry Milk

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