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Gluten and Dairy Free Carrot & Sesame Cake

Hello everyone

This flavour combination maybe sounds a bit odd but let me tell you how it came about.  I was reading some food history (don’t ask) and it talked about how traditional items have been transformed into modern interpretations.

The carrot cake started life in Israel as a moist sticky sponge made with tahini and decorated with sesame seeds. Through the ages it transformed into a lighter sponge, lost the sesames and picked up some frosting.

I’ve tried to combine the two cakes to make this frosted carrot and sesame cake and I think it sounds a bit weird but tastes amazing.



Gluten and Dairy Free Carrot & Sesame Cake

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Hello and welcome to FreeFromFavourites, my name is Fiona Kennedy and this is my website to help you cope with living on a dairy and gluten free diet.

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