Gluten and Dairy Free Ricotta Style Cheese

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I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen recently trying to make some of the basic items I tend to buy. Last week I posted my recipe for homemade almond milk and this week I’m concentrating on dairy free ricotta. I made this recipe with soya milk as I found from my trials that it curdled the best of all the dairy free milks. I’m currently working on an alternative method using almonds for those of you that can’t have soya so watch out for the coming soon. I’m also working on some recipes for dairy free butter and a cashew nut cream.

Ricotta is a really versatile ingredient and I used my cheese to create both a savoury and a sweet dish. I’ll post the recipes I made using the cheese so look out for gluten and dairy free spinach and ricotta spaghetti and my gluten and dairy free chocolate orange ricotta tart.



Gluten and Dairy Free Ricotta Style Cheese Recipe


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